Viking Pools Customer Testimonials

Customer reviews and testimonials about the excitement of owning a fiberglass swimming pool by Viking Pools.

Customer satisfaction of Viking Pools
"We love our new Viking, chlorine-free pool. We are very glad that we decided to choose your company to install our beautiful pool. We thoroughly enjoy using it – every day that we possibly can! Thanks for running such an honest and conscientious business and caring so much about every detail of the job. It was a pleasure dealing with the two of you, and your sub-contractors are the best. We are huge fans of yours and will not hesitate to recommend you to our neighbors and friends."
Customer reviews salt water pool by Viking Pools
"What a great summer with our new Viking Pool! Our salt water pool is virtually maintenance free! In 3 months we have only had to add some PH minus. Other than that the pool runs by it’s self. The automatic pool cleaner kicks on and keeps the pool spotless. All of our neighbors have commented how perfect this pool is. If we had known owning a pool would be this easy we would have purchased one years ago. "
Family review of Viking Pools
"With all the distractions today that can pull a family in different directions, our pool has given us a place where the family is together. Whether we include extended family or friends, the addition of the pool makes being together easier and a ton of fun."
Customer review from Virginia of Viking Pools

"It is with sincere gratitude that I write this email thanking you for your prompt attention to the issue we had with our Viking pool. As you know, we purchased this pool from the Pool Guyz because of the lifetime warranty of your fiber glass pool. Not everyone would have honored the warranty as you did and I know it is easier to side step issues that can happen. You did not have a preconceived attitude of denial and you took the time to investigate! Thank goodness we were fortunate enough to talk as well as meet with YOU to get the support and fantastic customer service that was beyond our expectation.

As you stated with the economy in a recession, the pool business has suffered as well. Instead of taking a bottom line approach to our problem, you took a customer service approach and made sure that, we as customers were your number one priority. This builds brand name and long term customer loyalty, which you clearly understand. As a side note, we also enjoyed meeting with the repair crew, as they were very approachable, sincere, and did a great job! Please let them know that we are very happy with their work.

We will be in the market for a pool again, and we will make sure this will be a Viking Pool thanks to you! We are sincerely grateful to you for making good on your word and warranty. Thank you for caring about your product as well as your customer!"
-Leif L. from Lorton, VA.

Customer review of Viking Pool
"It has been two wonderful summers since Shortes, Inc. installed our pool. I was afraid at first of the time it would take to maintain, but after learning the ropes, it takes no time at all! Our family and friends love to just hang-out by the pool on hot summer days. In times when travel money is tight, it has been a welcome relief to have a resort in our own back yard! In addition, I suffered a tail-bone injury several years ago and since having the pool, I have noticed a significant decrease in pain when I stick to a daily swimming regimen. Quick and easy therapy in your own back yard."
Viking Pools receives customer review
"Over dinner we drew a picture of what our IDEAL backyard would look like. Viking provided the PERFECT option for the pool of our dreams. From the sale, to installation, to the completed product The Pool Guyz and Viking Pools have brought our IDEAL pool to a reality."
Customer testimonial of Ohio pool by Viking Pools
We love our ST Thomas Pool! We just wanted to share photos of "our piece of the Caribbean in Ohio" ! We've been swimming since Christmas & even celebrated at the Pool! The personalized touches of letting us add decorative tiles [see the stairs] was a great idea! Thanks!
Customer from Texas reviews Viking Pools
"I am writing to complement you on the fantastic job you and your team accomplished while installing our Gulf Shore model Viking pool. Everyone involved was professional and very knowledgeable. The crew worked hard and managed to break through the solid limestone of my backyard with no additional costs (to us). We were amazed that despite bad weather, our pool was installed and functional in one week. Thank you for accomodating our "last minute" changes and requests. We couldn't be more impressed with the job you did, and with our fabulous new pool!"
-Paul Calderon from Leander, TX
Pool installed by: Aquamarine Pools of Jarrell, TX

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