Viking Pool Features

Choose from any number of custom additions to accent your pool or spa.

Not only does Viking offer numerous pool sizes and shapes to fit your home and landscape, but you will also be able to choose from more options than any other pool manufacturer. Select from one of our many features listed on the right to find out more about Viking's pool Features! Visit our Blog to learn more about the unique options available to you for your Viking Pool.

Viking Pools Colors


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Viking Pools Construction


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Perimeter & Inlayed Tile

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Viking Pools Custom Tile Work

Custom Tile Work

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Viking Pools Vanishing Edges

Vanishing Edges

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Viking Pools Cascades


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Viking Pools Streams


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Viking Pools LED Lighting

LED Lighting

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Viking Pools In-floor Cleaning

In-floor Cleaning

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Viking Pools Mosaics


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Automatic Safety Covers

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Solid & Mesh Safety Covers

Solid & Mesh Safety Covers

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Download A Viking Pools Brochure

Download Viking Pools swimming pool brochure

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