Viking Pools 10-Stage Manufacturing

Viking’s 10-stage manufacturing process ensures that your pool is built to the highest industry standards.

Prepare mold

Prepare the mold so that the pool easily separates from the mold to give the pool a better quality finish.


Add finish

Our standard gel-coat, the premium Crystite®, or the Diamond Series finish is added, which has a 20-year warranty. Our Crystite® finish is available in 86,400,000 unique colors.

For impact resistance and blister protection, Viking Pools adds a vinyl ester resin to the manufacturing process.

Add Vinyl Ester resin

Vinyl Ester Resin is then added to provide the greatest impact resistance, blister protection, and give the gel-coat, Crystite® or Diamond Series finish a gorgeous profile.


Strengthen fiberglass and resin

Additional layers of Vinyl Ester Resin and hand laid fiberglass are strategically placed for durability and strength.


Ceramic core

The heart of every Viking pool is the ceramic core, which is sandwiched between protective layers of specially designed resin and fiberglass. The ceramic core adds a greater strength to the pool walls and provides enhanced water resistance.


Enhancing durability

Fiberglass is hand-laid across the pool to complete the important corrosion barrier to enhance durability. Additional layers of chopped fiberglass are added. When combined with the hand laid fiberglass it provides additional strength.


Add support

Honeycomb vertical supports are added to help support the walls during the installation process. The closed beam construction is then completed to strengthen the coping around the pool and allow for easier lifting of the pool. Chains are also secured around the pool for easy unloading and setting.


Lift off the mold

The completed pool is lifted off the mold.



The pool is then detailed according to specifications for a spectacular finish.



Pool is loaded onto the truck and ready for delivery.

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