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This NOTICE AND DISCLAIMER is made to all retail customers and buyers of Viking Pools in the United States and abroad.

You are by this NOTICE advised that Viking Pools are sold by independent dealers and dealerships. Each dealer is an independent business person, who is completely separate from the manufacturer of Viking Pools. Each dealer is an independent contractor, and no dealer is an owner, agent (in fact or law), or employee of Viking Pools, the manufacturer.

Viking Pools, the manufacturer, hereby DISCLAIMS any liability for an intentional or negligent act by any Viking Pools dealer or dealership or any damage to any Viking Pool caused by an act of any dealer or dealership. Viking Pools will not be responsible or liable for any damages caused by any dealer or dealership. Viking Pools, as the manufacturer, offers a separate warranty to all customers and buyers of Viking Pools. That warranty offered by Viking Pools, the manufacturer, is separate and apart from other or additional warranty or guarantee offered by any dealer or dealership.

Any statement in any advertisement, literature, brochure, or website should NOT be interpreted or construed to expressly or impliedly create any relationship between Viking Pools and any dealer or dealership contrary to this NOTICE AND DISCLAIMER.

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