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Who does a production company for an Emmy nominated show call when they need a top-quality swimming pool for their next episode?

That's right, VIKING POOLS! With the growing success of ABC's Extreme Makeover Home Edition, which airs on Sunday nights, it's no surprise that the show was recently nominated for an Emmy. The show is based around individuals and businesses coming together to help a deserving family in an emotionally charged 7-day transformation.

When the show's producers went on the hunt for a great swimming pool that could be installed in 2 days, they called for a Viking pool.

Viking Pools continues to lead the way through the 21st Century as the nations largest fiberglass pool manufacturer. With manufacturing facilities in California, Texas, Florida, and West Virginia, and dealers in all quadrants of the U.S., Viking Pools continues to raise the bar of excellence and service in the pool industry. For additional information about Viking Pools or their participation in ABC's Extreme Makeover Home Edition, simply review this website or call (800) VKG-POOL for a dealer in your area.

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition has been picked up by TV Land and CMT for re-runs. Stay tuned to see your favorite episodes. 

Simpson Family

Savannah, GA

The Simpson family is in dire need of a brand new home. Carmen and Jim Simpson have three beautiful kids. Their son, Isaac, is eight. Daughter, Katelyn, is four. Youngest son, Zoe, is two. Zoe has had a slew of medical problems from the moment he was born. He wasn't even supposed to live...

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Lutz Family

East Setauket, NY - Episode 801

Kathleen and John Lutz stepped up to care for their six adult siblings with Down Syndrome after their parents passed away. But, with Kathleen's failing health and dilapidated home the security of the Lutz family is being threatened...

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Cerda Family

Las Vegas, NV - Episode 624

Terri and Chuck Cerda's two daughters, Molly and Maggie, were diagnosed with Combined Immune Deficiency Disease (CIDD) at the age of three...

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Grys Family

Pekin, IL - Episode 612

Stephen, a special education teacher and his wife, Jean, have been foster parents for 25 years, fostering over 250 children. Their adopted son, eight-year-old Easter Seals Ambassador Jake Grys...

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Akers Family

West Chester, OH - Episode 602

The Extreme Makeover Home Edition crew build a better and more accessible home for two daughters diagnosed with spinal muscular atrophy that leaves them confined to their...

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Hughes Family

Lexington, KY - Episode 516

Patricia and Patrick John Hughes' eldest son, Patrick Henry (19), was born blind and without the ability to fully straighten his arms and legs, leaving him unable to walk. Despite circumstances...

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Chapin Family

Seattle, WA - Episode 511

Connie Chapin is a hard working single mother and avid swimmer who turned her backyard swimming pool into a much needed community resource. As a private swim instructor who started...

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Py Family

Philadelphia, PA - Episode 323

Having raised four girls of their own and put each through college, 60-year-old "Grandpop" William Py of Philadelphia, PA and his 57-year-old wife, "Grandma" Carole, were looking...

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Tom Family

Episode 304

The Tom family does have a pool; however, it is a tiny one. Kicked out of the public pools because they made others ‘uncomfortable,’ Susan scrimped and saved to give them some place to have fun...

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Leslie Family

New Orleans, LA - Episode 219

"Leslie Family" - Robin and Doug Leslie were living an idyllic life with their four young boys and had moved into their dream home, a fixer-upper on eight-and-a-half acres on the banks of...

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Broadbent Family

Las Vegas, NV - Episode 210

Patricia Broadbent, a longtime advocate for children and former social worker, has given birth to one child and adopted six others in her lifetime, three of whom still live at home...

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Elcano Family

Bakersfield, CA - Episode 209

"Elcano Family" - Glen and Jennifer Elcano were living their dream. They used to spend practically 24 hours a day together running and operating their small family farm...

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Burns Family

Garden Grove, CA - Episode 208

When Benjamin Burns was born in 1997, he was an apparently healthy baby boy. Six months later, Benjamin's sister was playing with her baby brother and, when he started...

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Vardon Family

Detroit, MI - Episode 205-206

"Vardon Family, Parts 1 & 2" -When Stefan Vardon, 14, wrote a heartwarming school essay about his deaf parents and his blind and autistic 12-year-old brother, he had no idea...

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Grinnan Family

Redlands, CA - Episode 204

"Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" Gives a house in Redlands, California a complete health makeover, as well as a home makeover for a family whose daughter underwent a heart transplant as an infant...

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Pope Family

Penngrove, CA - Episode 203

Shelby Pope was just six years old when she learned seven years ago that she had polymorphic light eruption, also known as sun poisoning. If any part of her body is exposed to sunshine...

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